Latest World War 3 Update Adds Team Deathmatch Mode, a New Vehicle, a New Map and Much More

Developer The Farm 51, known for games like Painkiller: Hell & Damnation and Get Even, recently released an update for their first-person shooter, World War 3.

The update is rather significant, and brings with it a lot of new content to the game. The update finally adds the shooter classic multiplayer mode, team deathmatch, as well as adding a new dedicated map to the mode. In addition to that, World War 3 players will get to enjoy a new weapon, a new vehicle, a new uniform and several tweaks and additional features coming to the game. Here are World War 3’s update 0.2 patch notes.

New Content

  • New game mode: Team Deathmatch,
  • New map: Warsaw Shopping Mall (TDM only),
  • New weapon: MSBS Bullpup,
  • New vehicle: IFV Boxer,
  • New uniform: Russian Partisan,
  • New vehicle armor: RPG nets for IFV Boxer and IFV Bumerang,
  • New spawn system (TDM only for now!),


  • In-game grenade selector (just like gadget),
  • Backend: Progression system (first pass),
  • Thermal scopes (first pass),
  • Backend: Item unlocking,
  • Backend: Server authentication,
  • First tests of the changing day/night system (TDM map only),


  • Added Thermal scopes: Medium-magnification scopes (Thor SM, MM) and high-magnification (Odin LM),
  • Added a new assault rifle: MSBS-B. It’s chambered in .300 Blackout giving it better damage than other Western rifles but at the cost of much bigger bullet drop, high damage dropoff and strong kick,
  • Vepr nerfed again with increased recoil,
  • Tor damage reduced, making it only slightly more powerful than the G29. However, due to .50 cal’s  AP performance it should deal more damage when hitting the enemy directly into the chest plate,
  • Sniper rifles had their bullet velocities lowered (turns out they were bugged and behaved like hitscan weapons), they should be comparable to ARs now,
  • RPGs nerfed: Reduced blast radious on basic warheads, reduced damage and damage falloff on Frag warheads (this should make them used primarily for weakening and injuring enemies over a larger area and not for killing them with a cheap shot),
  • Adjusted the Frag RPG warhead to make it more easily recognizable (it’s brighter, more gray/brown-ish in colour),
  • New prototype weapon muzzle flashes. They should have slightly better performance and look better, please give us feedback whether or not do they hinder your visibility while shooting. If anything will be off we will be tweaking them,
  • New particle effects for Support Strikes: Artillery, Airstrikes, Carpet Bombings, now it’s easier to differentiate which one is being used,
  • Fixed splash damage for >25mm caliber rounds, now splash damage decreases properly with the radius of the explosion ( the further from the center of explosion the lesser the damage),
  • You can no longer vault while reloading,
  • Tweaked spawn locations on all maps,
  • Added optimized light to all TPP muzzle flashes,


  • Reworked muzzle particles to reduce FPS drops when firing,
  • New impact particles,
  • Lowered attachment count on certain vehicle armors,
  • Level streaming improvements,
  • Collision optimizations,
  • Continuous optimization effort on all fronts,


  • Changed “Performance Boost” to “CPU Performance Boost” to better reflect what it’s for,
  • Tweaked RPG explosion,
  • Flash hiders are now functional,
  • Added chat window to summary screens,
  • Adjusted blast radii for >25mm rounds to the fixed splash damage values,
  • Anti-Tank mines damage reduced to 600, now 2 mines are required to destroy a vehicle,
  • Improved UGV durability against RPG projectiles: 1 Tandem or 2 Single Stage are enough to destroy a UGV,
  • Reduced smoke grenades uses from 5 to 2,
  • Reduced ricochet chance on >25mm projectiles,
  • TDM summary screen map display name,
  • Reworked armor pricing and masses,
  • Changed P: to L: since we’re showing latency to the server, not straight ping,
  • Tweaks to thermal vision postprocess,
  • Menu thumbnails updated,
  • Various animation tweaks (idles, reloads),
  • Matchmaking improvements,
  • Many more minor tweaks and improvements.

For now, World War 3 is available as an early access title, with no word on how long it will stay there before fully releasing. The game is available through Steam’s Early Access section.

[Source: World War 3]