Just Cause 4 Dev Believes In-house Development and Avalanche Studios’ Commitment to a Core Team Helped the Franchise

The chaotic and over-the-top open-world franchise, Just Cause, is getting its fourth main installment later this year. The studio claims it is probably the most ambitious installment in the franchise so far, and Game Director Francesco Antolini believes it is mainly a result of Avalanche Studios sticking by its core and in-house development team.

Antolini was recently featured in the Official Xbox Magazine‘s December 2018 issue, where he went back in time to when he first joined the “then-new New York studio.” He believes that studios that managed to achieve profound success over the years in the gaming industry, are “usually defined by a core team that has stuck together throughout the years.”

I joined Avalanche as Lead Designer on Just Cause 3, contributing to the opening of the then-new New York studio. The biggest learning from that experience has been in regards to the processes and ways to work together–and that getting that right is a first, fundamental step in making a studio a great studio. History can confirm that: successful and long-living studios are usually defined by a core team that has stuck together throughout the years, and sometimes by the fact that the team has focused on perfecting a single original IP or idea. The fact that Just Cause 4 packs more than four times the scope and far deeper mechanics of its predecessors tells us a lot about how changes in processes and mindset can actually benefit both creativity and production.

Just Cause 4 releases on December 4 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Check out the expansion pass content trailer below.

[Source: Official Xbox Magazine via GamingBolt]