Xbox One November System Update; Adds Mouse And Keyboard Support, Announces New Razer ‘Designed for Xbox’ Lineup

The scheduled Xbox One November update dropped, and it adds new features to Microsoft’s console.

The main highlight of the update is adding mouse and keyboard support to Xbox One. We already knew it was coming since September when Phil Spencer announced it. Developers now have the freedom to add mouse and keyboard support to their games, with Epic Games’ Fortnite being one of the first to adopt the new feature. Not only that, the update also adds Xbox Skill for Cortana and Alexa, allowing players to shout out more diverse commands to their Xbox.

Mouse and Keyboard Support for Xbox One

As revealed by Phil Spencer on the September episode of Inside Xbox, the November update brings mouse and keyboard support to Xbox One! With support for mouse and keyboard, developers can now choose to add mouse and keyboard support for their games on Xbox One. This enables both developers and players with more choice on how they want to play.

Announced at X018, Fortnite will be one of the first titles to support mouse and keyboard input, matchmaking players using the same input together with one another to ensure a fair and fun experience for everyone. Fortnite’s support for keyboard and mouse launches alongside previously announced Warframe via today’s update, with Bomber CrewDeep Rock GalacticStrange BrigadeVermintide 2War Thunder and X-Morph Defense adding support in November, and Children of MortaDayZMinion MasterMoonlighterVigorWarface, and Wargroove adding support in the future.

Additionally, we’re partnering with Razer to offer gamers a premiere mouse and keyboard experience through an all new Razer-created ‘Designed for Xbox’ mouse and keyboard. Built from the ground up for gaming on Xbox One and Windows 10, it will come equipped with a dedicated Xbox key, and support for the new Xbox Dynamic Lighting capability – enabling immersive game-controlled lighting effects.

Try out mouse and keyboard in some of your favorite games today and be sure to tune into CES in January to learn more about the ‘Designed for Xbox’ mouse and keyboard coming from Razer.

The update is live now.

[Source: Xbox One]