EA Reveal More Information on Anthem’s Powerful Javelin Suits Abilities

BioWare’s new IP sci-fi RPG title, Anthem, features four different Javelin classes for players to play as, Colossus, Interceptor, Ranger and Storm. Each class has its own unique ability and skillset, and the studio finally released a detailed description of each one’s ultimate Javelin ability.

Earlier this week, during EA’s investors call, the studio shared its excitement towards Anthem’s release, as well as revealing they have raised their expectations for its market performance. Although it is a new IP and naturally studios lower their expectations, but they are confident so far as a result of encouraging and good early reception from fans and critics. For now, you can check out each Javelin’s special ability, which will recharge over time after use.

Ranger – Multi-Target Missile Battery:

Dealing precise damage across a wide swath of the battlefield, the Ranger’s Multi-target Missile Battery allows it to target many fast-moving enemies with guided projectiles. As the master of versatility in combat, the Ranger’s ultimate allows for a flexible approach that can quickly eliminate an overwhelming number of enemies.

Colossus – Siege Cannon:

The Siege Cannon is pure mayhem unleashed on the battlefield. This ability allows for multiple shots which each create large explosions, which makes it ideal for clearing out smaller enemies, controlling enemies in a choke point, or putting some extra damage on a boss.

Storm – Elemental Storm:

The Storm calls down a torrent of energy to decimate a targeted area. Manipulating the raw force of the Anthem, the Storm emits successive blasts of frost, electricity, and fire – ending with a meteoric finale. This ability is great when enemies are in a contained area where they’ll all be struck.

Interceptor – Assassin’s Blades:

The Interceptor becomes supercharged, arming its Assassin’s Blades and carving through enemies at high speed. Each target hit by one of these melee attacks will be hit continuously by echoes of the original attack over a 10-second duration. This is a highly precise attack that lets the Interceptor choose his targets carefully and single them out for huge damage.

Anthem releases on February 22nd, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. BioWare revealed Anthem’s story choices “more personal.” For more information on each class’ seals, gear and more, you can check out EA’s full blog post through here.

[Source: EA]