Sea of Thieves’ Shrouded Spoils Update Drops in November; Adds New Fog Weather

Sea of Thieves receives a rather significant update next month, adding tons of new content to the game. Rare Games released a developer update yesterday discussing Sea of Thieves’ Shrouded Spoils update. Executive Producer Joe Neate focused mainly on the new fog weather. Fog won’t just be there as a weather or as  a cosmetic feature to the world, it will actually influence how players play. Players will have to use their ship’s crow’s nest to see what’s ahead. Not only that, the update also adds Pirate Legends will receive new and exclusive commendations, while players will finally have the freedom to edit their wheels, cannons, capstans and more.

One thing we’re introducing in the Shrouded Spoils update is fog. This is something that can roll in at any time, and it really obstructs the vision for the player. It makes visibility a lot harder, but it makes the crow’s nest a really important part of the experience. Climbing up into the crow’s nest, you have an opportunity to look out over the bank of fog and see things in the distance, making it a vital part of ship navigation. Anything, islands and rocks and stuff, becomes a lot more treacherous. It’s going to be eerie — the audio team has done a great job of upping the creaks and noise of your ship you hear when you’re sailing through the fog.

Sea of Thieves releases on Xbox One and PC. In other news, Rare Games declared before they will never charge their players for content expansions.

[Source: Sea of Thieves]