PUBG PC Hardware Ban Effective Starting from November 10th

PUBG always faced the issue of hackers and cheating, and the problem is persistent with more and more techniques to bypass the game’s anti-cheating mechanics.

PUBG Corp. continuously tries to update their anti-cheat mechanics and systems to combat cheaters, with the latest update being hardware bans. On the PUBG Official Korean Forums, a lengthy statement went out explaining the studio’s new anti-cheat and hacking mechanism. Anyone caught cheating by the system and/or has a history of using hacks before, they will be handed a hardware ban. Earlier in August, PUBG received an update, adding a key guide to loading screen tips, death cam reporting, teammate reporting and more,

Quality of Life
  • [LOADING SCREEN] Added a key guide to the loading screen tips
  • [UI/UX #01] Targeted interactive objects are now more easily distinguishable by the highlighted outline
  • [DEATH CAM REPORTING] Players can now report a player even if the deathcam’s target wasn’t shown properly
  • [KILL FEED DISPLAY #01] You can now adjust your killfeed display options
    • For war mode/observer screen, the amount is fixed to 5 lines
    • You can adjust the normal killfeed results to show 5 to a maximum 10 lines
  • [FIXED-PERSPECTIVE OPTION] Added TPP Aim Camera Position to options.
  • [TEAMMATE REPORTING] You can now report teammates.

Do you think the hardware ban is enough to reduce PUBG’s cheating troubles?

[Source: PUBG]