Metro Exodus Script Longer Than Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light and All the DLC Combined; Dev Discusses Impact of Player Choices

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4A Games announced Metro Exodus during Microsoft’s press conference earlier this year at E3 2018. Shortly after, they updated their website with tons of information on various aspects of the game, including factions, hazards, and mutants. Judging from that information alone, it was relatively clear the game’s scope is bigger than its predecessors.

Metro Exodus takes place two years after the events of Metro: Last Light, and builds upon the two previous entries’ storylines. Executive Producer Jon Bloch was recently featured in an interview, where he revealed Metro Exodus’ script is “larger than both 2033 and Last Light and all the DLC combined.” This is definitely a treat to hear for fans of the franchise.

Our script this time is larger than both 2033 and Last Light and all the DLC combined. We allow players to play through guns blazing and running through the environment, but we try to encourage the more careful, thoughtful approach–absorbing the world, the story, the atmosphere.

He continued to describe the different gameplay approach the development team managed to implement, encouraging the player to take more stealthy approaches to accomplish objectives. However, the game will “react to how the players play” and approach each mission, as they shape up and define Artyom’s personality “through their actions and choices.”

The game certainly encourages you to take a more careful, stealthy approach to scenarios. But the game also does react to how the players play the game. We want players to step into the shoes of Artyom and really define his personality through their actions and choices as they play. Exodus will react to the player as well and there are more opportunities along the journey where players will see that reaction and the consequences to their actions.

Metro Exodus releases on February 22nd, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

[Source: Metro]