Dontnod’s Twin Mirror Receives New Information on Characters, Release Plans, Side Stories and More

Dontnod Entertainment, known for their wonderful work on Life is Strange and Vampyr, is currently working on another narrative-driven title, Twin Mirror.

Originally revealed during E3 2018, the studio stayed relatively silent after the convention regarding new information. WCCFTech managed to sit down with a number of personnel on the game’s development team, including Senior Producer Fabrice Cambounet and writer Matthew Ritter. Ritter addressed a question regarding the possibility of side-stories and how much they will affect the main storyline, if ever.

Both. These side stories that can dovetail back in and affect the larger game as a whole. It’s very much trying to tell a story where the town is its own character. Hopefully, getting to know the people there is a large part of the game, if that’s part of what you’re choosing to explore.

On the other hand, Cambounet revealed a lot of new information regarding the second character present in Twin Mirror’s trailers and gameplay videos. He continued to describe him as”The Double,” a “projection” of Sam. This projection will accompany you throughout the story, judging your decisions and providing advice, but whether you follow it or not, that is completely up to you.

We call him The Double. I think he’s the most interesting parts of the game, one of the unique features. He’s actually part of Sam’s projection of himself. He’s there to react to the choices that you make, he’ll often try to guide you through the choices. One of the most important parts of players choices will be to choose to follow his advice or not.

This is the way you’ll decide how your character will evolve throughout the game and how you will end up, basically. He’s a pivotal character of the story but at the start, you’ll not really be sure where he’s coming from, but you’ll understand better.

Twin Mirror releases in 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

[Source: WCCFTech]