Upcoming No Man’s Sky Update Adds New Custom Body Shapes, New Attacking Behaviour to Biological Horrors and More

Developer Hello Games changed No Man’s Sky drastically after their NEXT update released a couple of months ago. The studio managed to continously follow-up and address reported issues and act upon the player’s feedback, since the update added numerous new features and content to the extent that it was basically a new game. Most recently, an experimental update went live, focusing mainly on visual improvements and significantly reducing loading times.

The studio revealed No Man’s Sky’s upcoming update patch notes, and it is a relatively small update. The highlights of the update include adding new attack behaviours to the Biological Horrors, as well as adding new custom options for a character’s body shape in the appearance modifier menu. Here are the full patch notes.

  • Fixing an issue that prevents shared bases from downloading while exploring.
  • Adding new attack behaviours to the Biological Horrors.
  • Enabling terrain tessellation on PS4 (base and Pro) and Xbox One X. New dynamic tessellation enables detailed terrain height maps without sacrificing performance.
  • New custom options for body shape have been added to the appearance modifier. This gives players far greater control over how they appear in the universe, increasing the diversity and variety of characters for all races.

No Man’s Sky is available now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

[Source: Hello Games]