The Order: 1886’s Sales Have Been Steady Since Game’s Launch; Ready at Dawn CEO Wants to Go Back to Making AAA Games

Originally releasing back in February 2015, The Order: 1886 was one of the first PlayStation 4-exclusives to release on Sony’s console, and was received with mostly positive reviews and some criticism on its length and gameplay. However, it continued to sell well, and according to Ready at Dawn CEO Ru Weerasuriya, it has been selling steadily ever since.

Ready at Dawn CEO Ru Weerasuriya was recently featured in an interview with Polygon, where he discussed The Order: 1886’s sales performance since release, of course excluding the first few months. He continued to mention that to this day when people try out their game, they send letters asking when is the next one.

I would say it’s pretty steady since the game has been released. Of course, counting out the first few months for any game is pretty huge, it’s been pretty steady. There’s been kind of a constant group of people playing. And every time people play … they’re kind of like, ‘Hey, just played your game, loved it. When’s the next one coming out?’ We keep on getting those. So yeah, I think it’s got a long life as far as the game’s concerned.

Since The Order: 1886, Ready at Dawn only released Deformers and Oculus Rift VR title, Lone Echo. Weerasuriya discussed the development team’s willingness to go back to developing AAA titles, since it is in the studio’s “DNA.”

Yeah, absolutely. We have it in our DNA. We’ve kind of gone many different places in game design, in game genre, in the ways stories are told. From a platformer, to an action game, to an RPG, to a combat game, to a VR experience, to a third-person shooter, for 15 years we’ve done a lot of different things. But also, again, it’s a tribute to the team and the talent of the team. They had a drive to basically explore, become better. Like, ‘Personally, as a developer, how can you improve your craft?’ All of these people took those challenges on. So, for us to go back to bigger budget and make something on console, yeah, it’s in our DNA. We will always kind of have that balance. I think the studio is never stuck on one thing.

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[Source: Polygon]