Battlefield V Gamescom Trailer Released; Features Tons of Tank and Aircraft Combat

EA DICE’s upcoming iteration of the Battlefield franchise, Battlefield V, takes players on a journey to discover the brutal nature of World War II. After Battlefield 1 showcased World War I with all its small details, and even that tiny pistol. Earlier today, the studio teased a Gamescom trailer was coming, and it is finally here and it was worth the wait indeed.

Around two minutes of pure chaos, buildings getting destroyed, several different weapons, and most noticeable was how the trailer focused on the different tanks and aircrafts featured in the game. The trailer, titled Devastation of Rotterdam, showcases the Netherlands-based map and a new terrain unlike the two maps we saw in the previous two trailers as well as the game’s closed alpha. Rotterdam has an urban setting, with lots of buildings and destructible environments, and everything you are about to see below is actual in-game footage, which makes it much more impressive.

Battlefield V releases on October 19 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC platforms.