Showcase Mode is Finally Coming Back to WWE 2K19; Stars Daniel Bryan’s Rise to Stardom

WWE 2K19 will finally feature the return of its Showcase mode, similar to story mode in other games, after being absent from the franchise’s last two instalments. Since 2K Games decided to bring the mode back, they wanted to bring it back with a bang. The mode will tell the story of former WWE World Heavyweight champion, Intercontinental champion and one half of tag-team Hell No with Kane, Daniel Bryan.

The showcase mode is titled, The Return of Daniel Bryan, and features around 20 “story-centric video cutscenes,” and will feature a total 12 matches recreating Bryan’s WWE career, with a “special” surprise match.

  • 20 story-centric video cutscenes, including some very elaborate ones.
  • 8 new entrances and 11 new victory scenes.
  • More specifically, Daniel Bryan has four new entrances and six new victory scenes. You’re in for something really cool if you team Daniel with Kane as part of “Team Hell No.”

As a huge WWE 2K fan, I am really delighted for the mode’s return, especially since the last two instalments lacked a mode that invests players with a wrestlers and the background drama going on in the WWE universe. WWE 2K19 releases on October 9th for PS4, Xbox One and PC, with a special collector’s edition priced at $129.99.

[Source: Official press release]