Dead by Daylight’s Summer Scorching Summer BBQ Event Rewards Detailed

Developer Behaviour Interactive’s online survival horror title, Dead by Daylight, headlines Sony’s PlayStation Plus free games lineup for August, alongside Mafia III. The studio did a tremendous job in keeping the game alive and going even a year after its release, with continous updates, events and their recent increase in employee size in preparation for the game’s Year 3. The studio increased its staff size from 30 to 75 employees, to help them develop and add loads of content to Dead by Daylight over the next period. This includes four new killers, four new maps, four new survivors and so much more. All this contributed to the game selling over three million copies as of November 2017.

Dead by Daylight’s latest event, the Scorching Summer BBQ, gives players a number of challenges to complete to unlock several rewards, including Kate’s “Free Songbird” slip dress, Hillbilly’s “Pro-Pain” hammer and earn Frosty Margaritas and Survivor Chops as you play and complete certain actions as a survivor or a killer respectively. The event kicked off on August 7th and runs till the 21st.

  • Every trial starts with two Frozen Cocktail machines and 2 Grill hooks
  • To spawn event more Frozen Cocktail machines or Grill hooks, acquire a BBQ invitation Offering in the Bloodweb and burn it in a trial
  • Each BBQ invitation Offering played will generate 1 Frozen Cocktail machine and 1 Grill hook
  • As a Killer, hook a Survivor on a Grill hook for the first time to gain 1 Survivor Chop
  • As a Survivor, complete repairs on a Frozen Cocktail machine to grant all Survivors 1 Frosty Margarita
  • If you played a BBQ invitation Offering, you will also score bonus Bloodpoints when the above conditions are met
  • Once you reach your Frosty Margaritas goal, you will unlock Kate’s “Free Songbird” slip dress
  • Once you reach your Survivor chops goal, you will unlock the Hillbilly’s “Pro-Pain” hammer
  • You can only gain Frosty Margaritas and Survivor Chops in public matches

Dead by Daylight is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Let us know how much you’ll enjoy the event.

[Source: Dead by Daylight]