Spider-Man Dev Discuss How They Treated New York City “Like a Character;”

Insomniac Games are preparing the world for a unique Spider-Man experience we all can’t wait to see, especially after revealing how many suits were up to consideration and how much attention they paid to the smaller details around the Spider-Man universe and other characters such as Miles Morales.

Creative Director Bryan Intihar was recently featured in an interview with Push Square, where he discussed several topics. One of them is how the development team did their best to avoid overwhelming players with controls, taking into consideration how much movement, combat and traversal movements are featured in a Spider-Man game. Not only that, he also addressed the difficult choices the development and writing team faced in choosing the essential characters to represent the web-slinger’s universe, satisfying both casual and veteran Spider-Man lovers.

However, one of the more interesting topics Intihar discussed was how New Work City won’t be just a place you walk through from objective to objective, however, they tried to treat it “like a character.” People in the city will react to recent events if you just finished a main mission.

One thing we wanted to do right away is to treat New York City like a character, and we wanted the city to have its own arc and feel. Just like our characters change over time, so too does the city. It was really important to us that the different districts in the city felt different, and that as you progress through the story new activities open up.

But a lot of what makes New York City memorable is the people, and so we didn’t want to make a game where something happens early on and everyone disappears [or is evacuated]. We wanted the city to react to the events that happen, and we wanted the people to reference things that are happening in the game. My favourite thing is going down to the crowd, and sometimes they’ll point out things of interest which will get marked on screen.

Spider-Man releases early 2018 exclusively for the PS4.

[Source: Push Square]