PUBG Corp. Unsure About Future Event Passes; First Event Pass “Wasn’t Perfect”

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ popularity may have dropped off compared to the rocketing rise of Epic Games’ Fortnite, even after PUBG Corp. released an event pass and a new map.

a PUBG Corp. representative recently sat down with PCGamesN, where he reflected upon the performance of PUBG’s first event pass. Players mainly criticised the amount of time and grind needed to unlock everything included in it, which by some were deemed not worthy. He even mentioned they are currently looking into whether or not they will continue with this concept for a second season.

The [Event Pass] was the first of its kind we launched. It wasn’t perfect, but many players stood by us and I’m very thankful for their support. We’re going to analyze things that didn’t go too well in Sanhok – level of difficulty, depth challenge – and reflect on them. We haven’t decided [if we’ll do more Event Passes] yet. It’s something we are thinking of, but we want to reflect on it more before making future plans.

He continued to discuss Sanhok and the changes made accordingly after listening to the fans feedback, referring to the dynamic weather.

With Sanhok, we listened to the community and wanted to change the experience by adding dynamic weather that also fitted with the Southeast Asian theme of the map. The community’s response to the new dynamic weather system has been positive, so we’ll definitely investigate adding it to Erangel and Miramar down the line.

What do you think PUBG Corp. should do to keep up with Fortnite’s continuous success?