From Software’s Miyazaki Reveals He Personally Doesn’t have Preferences Between New and Existing IPs

From Software’s presence at this year’s E3 was largely speculated to be related to Bloodborne’s sequel, however, the studio surprised with a brand new IP, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

From Software CEO Hidetaka Miyazaki was recently featured in the latest EDGE magazine issue, September 2018, where he revealed he doesn’t have personal preferences when choosing the studio’s future projects. It “largely comes down to the business decision in the end.” He continued to mention the pros and cons of producing a brand new IP from scratch and sequels respectively.

Personally, I have no preference. That largely comes down to the business decision in the end – to what everyone wants to do. Personally I think both have their merits. A brand-new IP like Sekiro allows me and the team a lot more creative freedom to try new ideas. But a sequel is equally as fun because it allows me to refine existing ideas, to improve things that I maybe regretted doing not so well the first time around. As both a creator and a player, there’s this level of creativity that means both are on equal ground.

What do you think of Miyazaki’s statement?