Upcoming Overwatch Update Nerfs Mercy, Buffs Ana’s Nano Boost and Other Balance Changes to Support Heroes

Blizzard’s hero-based shooter Overwatch is getting a small patch soon, focusing mainly on support heroes.

The patch nerfs Mercy’s primary fire healing by 17%, while Ana and Brigitte got their nano boost and Shield Bash buffed respectively. Other heroes like Lucio and Moira got their fair share of change as well. All these changes are mainly to keep all support heroes “competitive with each other,” according to Blizzard’s Geoff Goodman.


  • Nano Boost additionally heals the target instantly for 300 HP.


  • Shield Bash cooldown increased from 6 to 7 seconds.


  • Sound Barrier effect increased 50% from 500 to 750 shields.
  • Crossfade aura radius increased 20% from 10m to 12m.


  • Primary fire healing beam reduced 17% from 60 HP/s to 50 HP/s.


  • Healing resource base regen rate increased 20%.

Which buff or nerf do you think will be most noticeable?