Forza Horizon 4 Latest Livestream Showcases Autumn Weather, Forzathon Challenges and Horizon Life

Turn 10 Studios and Microsoft hold weekly livestreams leading up to Forza Horizon 4’s release in October, slowly revealing more information as they go along.

This week’s stream showcased the autumn weather setting, the Forzathon and its features, Showcases and much more. In addition to that, the hosts discussed Horizon Life, and described it as the “umbrella term for Forza Horizon 4’s shared-world online component.” Horizon Life is similar to Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs online connectivity feature, allowing players to seamlessly switch from single-player to a multiplayer experience with “a simple one-click menu choice.”  Here is a summary of each feature, courtesy of WCCFTech.

Horizon Life

Horizon Life is the umbrella term for Forza Horizon 4’s shared-world online component, which supports 72 players on a server at once. Switching back and forth between solo and online play is a simple one-click menu choice, and the transition between the two is seamless – no loading screen whatsoever. When playing online, and “Auto Ghost” feature will keep other cars from crashing into you (they’ll just pass through) and you’ll still be able to do all the stuff you can in single-player, including take photos and rewind mistakes.


Forzathon will keep players busy in a variety of different ways – Forzathon Live team events pop up hourly, Daily Challenges give players a series of smaller achievements to chase, and Weekly Challenges task you with mastering a specific vehicle. Playground showed off a Forzathon Live event, which consisted of three phases – a Speed Zone, Speed Trap, and Skills challenge. The points you earn are added to the team score, and once you accumulate enough, you move onto the next phase. Complete all three stages within the time limit, and you’ll earn Forzathon points, which can be spent in the Forzathon Shop. According to Playground, the Forzathon Shop will be a good place to nab rare items you haven’t been able to get from the Wheelspin random loot generator.


Showcases (crazy, cinematic races against unique vehicles) will, of course, be returning in Forza Horizon 4. Playground showed off a new one, The Behemoth, which involved racing a giant hovercraft down a mountain in the Scottish highlands. Sure, why not?

Forza Horizon 4 releases on October 2 for PC and Xbox One.