Activision Collaborates and Will Help From Software with Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Development and Western Publishing

From Software revealed their upcoming title during E3 2018, and even though it wasn’t Bloodborne 2 as anticipated, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice looks very interesting.

Unlike previous titles, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice won’t be published by usual From Software partners, such as Bandai Namco, Sony and Capcom, but instead the studio decided to team up with Activision. Director Hidetaka Miyazaki was featured in an interview with Famitsu, translation courtesy of Reddit user Jase_the_Muss via WCCFTech, where he revealed Activision won’t just be a publisher for Sekiro Shadows Die Twice and will help From Software throughout the game’s development process.

It’s been widely reported that From is working with Activision on this title. What kind of collaboration exists?

Miyazaki: Excluding actual game development and sales within Japan and Asia, we’ve left sales in the rest of the world to Activision. One of the most significant reasons for choosing Activision as a publisher was that they could give us advice about the entire length of game development.

We don’t often hear of From working with that level of collaboration!?

Miyazaki: That’s right. But let me say this clearly: all decisions about game development are made by us. Activision respects the game that we are making, and that we desire to make, and offers play impressions as well as advice about what we could do to improve the game. As always, we ask that all decisions after the title screen be left to us, and we’ve been successful in collaborating under this framework.

I didn’t expect that Activision would be involved in the creative aspects of the game.

Miyazaki: “Creative aspects” is quite vague, but what Activision principally focuses on is ease of play, comfort, and appropriate onboarding [tutorial-ish]. It’s embarassing to say, but we’re not particularly strong in those areas, so it helps greatly.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice releases in 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.