Konami Detail Metal Gear Survive’s Future Updates; Features New Enemies, Events and Much More

Konami’s Metal Gear Survive previous update added co-op rescue missions, new controller customization features and various improvements. The studio recently shared their update plans for the title, starting later this month.

June’s update will increase login bonuses, improves rules for Salvage and Rescue missions, improves network stability and adds new rule for the Resource Hunt mission. Not only that, further down the line Konami plans on adding new Epic equipment, new accessories, new enemies and so much more.

– Increase Login Bonuses (already in effect)
– “The Encounter 1964” Event (starting June 12th)
– Improve rules for Salvage Missions
– Improve rules for Rescue Missions
– Add new rule: Resource Hunt Mission
– Improve network stability
– Adjustment of the Reward Drop Amount (CO-OP)

Future Updates
– New Epic equipment
– New Accessories (Head/Suit)
– Increase the max limit for equipment strength
– New Events
– New Enemies

Metal Gear Survive is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.