Tennis World Tour Dev Reveals Development Team Increased Overall Speed of the Game; No Hawk-Eye Feature

Breakpoint Studio, formerly known for their work on Top Spin, are coming back with Tennis World Tour, a very promising and probably the biggest tennis simulation game to date.

WCCFTech had the chance to sit down with Breakpoint Studio’s Creative Director Etienne Jacquemain and ask him a number of questions leading up to the game’s release. When asked about Tennis World Tour’s overall game speed and the concerns fans raised during some of the gameplay videos, Jacquemain revealed the development team took note of the fans’ feedback and increased the overall speed of the game, allowing for faster and more intense rallies.

We took the community’s remarks about the overall speed of the game into account. Now the game and the rallies are faster and more intense, so they’re as realistic as possible. When a player is in the right position, now you can speed the ball up even more, with animations of powerful shots, to finish the rally quickly. We also reworked the different players’ defensive abilities by indexing them to an Agility statistic. Players don’t run at unrealistic speeds anymore. In general, the ball speed is pretty realistic.

He continued to reveal the absence of Hawk-Eye or player challenges, mainly because the umpire’s existence in video games is different and the game takes into account human error and corrects it by itself.

There won’t be Hawk-Eye/Challenges in Tennis World Tour. Hawk-Eye only makes sense if the umpire can make a mistake – it was created to correct unfairness that can result from human error. Fortunately, in a video game, the umpire doesn’t make mistakes like that, so there’s no real reason to have the mechanism in the game.

The studio is also willing to implement cross-platform play between players on different platforms, but it is mainly up to Sony and Microsoft.

We considered it and we have the means and will to do it, but it’s a discussion we need to have with
Microsoft and Sony. If we have their agreement, then sure, we could do this.

Tennis World Tour is available now on PS4 and Xbox One, with PC and Nintendo Switch versions following on June 12th.