Days Gone Dev Says They’re Pushing PS4 to Its Limits

Sony’s open world zombie survival title, Days Gone, got delayed to 2019. Game Informer periodically release new information and lengthy gameplay videos showcasing hordes of zombies and action-packed moments, and the latest reveal featured a video interview with Days Gone’s development team. They said they are “definitely pushing the PlayStation 4 to its limits,” which shows amazing potential and ambition from the team.

We’re definitely pushing the PlayStation 4 to its limits.

The first thing to be clear about is, we are Sony. Sony Bend is Sony. We have a whole team of producers, they would come down monthly. They’re constantly working with marketing and PR and outsourcing to make sure that what we’re building is something we can sell because that’s important, but also something that’s worthy of first party because we’re part of Sony.

What we really want to do is create something that is best in class for the kind of game that we’re making, that’s super important to us.

So far, we know we will enjoy around 30 hours of gamplay from Days Gone.