State of Decay 2 Dev Promises to Continuously Fix Reported Bugs and Issues; “biased towards making sure the game is as fun as possible”

beta sign-ups went live yesterday, even though we still don’t know what content the developer intents on including in the beta.

A number of press outlets and those capable of trying out the game before its release complained severely regarding the amount of bugs and errors during gameplay. Undead Labs Design Director Richard Foge was recently featured in an interview with Metro GameCentral where he made sure to address the problem and promise the development team’s commitment to continuously update and fix reported issues, with the main focus and emphasis on “making sure the game is as fun as possible.”

The build’s a little bit older, we’re fixing some bugs. As we continue to support and develop the game that’s gonna be a focus for us, it’s going to be continuing to fix bugs people are encountering and improving the experience overall. At launch we’ll fix quite a few of the things that you encountered today. But as an ongoing experience… big open world sandbox games have a lot of problems that need to be fixed.

Because ultimately any blemishes are overcome by the quality of the gameplay experience. There are obviously many different ways to make a video game. Emphasising and focusing on everything being pitch perfect and bulletproof is certainly one way to do it. I am biased towards making sure the game is as fun as possible, is as broad an experience as it should be – in terms of driving, shooting, base-building, community management, and more – I wanted to push as many features into the game as we needed to make that experience cohesive and compelling. And then take care of the problems that we had as we had time to do it.

State of Decay 2 releases on May 22nd for Xbox One and PC. The collector’s edition is available for $69.99, and it features “a steelbook case, a stand for it in the shape of a human brain, a USB drive looking like a severed thumb and a wearable zombie mask that looks surprisingly scary.”