Anthem Reveal Trailer Is Accurately Indicitive Of Gameplay Says BioWare

It sucks, but over the past couple of years, there have been more and more reveals at gaming expos which don’t accurately depict how a game actually looks or handles. We’ve seen it in the past with titles such as The Division and Watch Dogs – so there’s no doubt really good looking game reveals are often met with skepticism.

One of those games is Bioware’s Anthem. On the surface level, it looks absolutely stunning and seems like the vertical combat take is going to be really fun, but is the E3 reveal an accurate depiction of what’s yet to come? Seems so. The confirmation of no downgrade comes via Reddit, where a user brought posed the question whether or not said trailer is what the game currently in its build right now looks like. BioWare’s Technical Design Director, Brenon Holmes confirmed that it does.

What’s more, Holmes also hinted that proof that the game actually looks like that will arrive “soon,” most presumably during its return to E3 this June.

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