Pokemon X and Y Insider Information Leaked

New information regarding the upcoming X and Y titles in the Pokemon franchise has made itself known today. This data comes in the form of new evolutions, moves and rivals.

A Pokemon rumored to be named Pancham has started making the rounds, and it is believed that the creature will evolve around level 30 into Pangoro. Supposedly, this will require the presence of a Dark type Pokemon in your party, as Pangoro's type is Fighting/Dark.

Another Pokemon, Inkay, will evolve into Malimar. Not much else is known about this Pokemon apart from the rumor that you have to hold your 3DS upside down to trigger an evolution while leveling it up.

Each generation of Pokemon has their own form of "cats," and a Pokemon named Espurr will reportedly evolve into Meowstick.

One of the new moves that will be in Pokemon X and Y is called "Belch." This move will be a Poison type attack wielding a base power of 120. In order to use this move the Pokemon must be holding a berry, though it is not known if it must be of a certain species.

Another move called "Draining Kiss" has been rumored as well. It's said to be a Fairy type attack that heals the user for the same amount of damage done, and has a base power of 60. This is interesting because most health-stealing attacks only heal for a percentage of the damage done.

The game will feature two new rivals, one friendly and the other antagonistic. While this will follow suit with previous games in the series, your interactions will be different. It's rumored that once you have beaten the game, the friendly rival will give you his or her fully-evolved starter Pokemon, making it much easier to complete the Pokedex.

Source: Pokebeach