The Last of Us Asks Us to Meet The Infected

the last of us

Naughty Dog has released a new video of The Last of Us, this time showcasing the game's Infected enemies. Infected, for those not in the know, are a group of humans who've been infected by the deadly cordyceps fungus which has turned them into zombies, more or less.

The deadly Infected prowl through the remains of a United States ravaged by the strange plague that's driven much of humanity into extinction.

The Last of Us Creative Director Neil Druckmann and Game Director Bruce Straley provide viewers with an intimate tour of the game's sights and sounds.

Among many other topics, the new interview with Sony's SCEA blog details the disturbing origins of the game's Infected, an idea which sprouted from nature documentaries. The discussion also plunges into the turbulent but vital relationship between Joel and Ellie, as unlikely a pair of game protagonists as you're likely to find, according to the blog.

As previously detailed, The Last of Us is set to have a 12-16 hour campaign based on how players progress through the game. Naughty Dog has confirmed that there will be no plans to release single-player DLC and that all additional content will be towards its multiplayer mode.

The Last of Us is set for release on June 12 in the United States. It is exclusive to the PlayStation 3.