Monster Hunter World Update 2.01 Fixes Bow Related Issues, Changes Made to How You Handle Pouch Items and More

Capcom recently released what update 2.01 will bring to Monster Hunter World.

A rough translation of the patch notes were published from WCCFTech, and the update mainly addresses bow related problems. Players reported being able to fire bows “beyond the restricted range angle” as a result of a mistake in update 2.00’s patch notes. Not only that, the update tweaks handling of pouch items and their arrangement.

With the influence of “Fixing a problem that one arrow of a dragon can be launched beyond the restricted range angle” that was done at the update Ver. 2.00, the player aimed at the aiming direction when moving the arrow of the dragon at the fastest after focusing on the target I confirmed the phenomenon that sometimes can not be done.
Even if you quickly aim at the target in the direction that the player is not facing you will fix it so that you can set one arrow of the dragon in the direction of the aim.
If you point the aim towards outside of the movable range during the stance of one arrow of the dragon, you will fire one arrow of the dragon in front of the player.
We fix to fix the trouble that the arrangement order of the item windows of the fighting competition will change at the timing of determining the equipment with the next rule.
① From the default position of the cursor, arrange from the left to the right in the order of the item pouches that can be checked with the equipment information.
② Next, arrange fixed items from left to right in the order of grinding wheel → net for catching → fishing rod → meat baking set.
Whetstone is not displayed when selecting a bow or a bow gun.
③ Finally arrange the special orthotic from left to right.

Other defect fixes

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