FIFA 18 Update 1.11 Addresses Several Issues with FUT Champions Channel Replays

Electronic Arts released another update for their football franchise, FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 update 1.11 mainly addressed reported issues with Ultimate Team’s FUT Champions Channel replays where if a DNF happened, the replay incorrectly showed who received the loss. This was just a visual glitch and was fixed with the update. Not only that, the update performed changes to Club America’s kits, crests and banners as well as performing changes to Arsenal Tula’s banners.

Addressed the following issues in FIFA Ultimate team:

  • FUT Champions Channel replays, for matches that ended early and resulted in a DNF, were sometimes incorrectly displaying which player received the loss.
    • This was purely a visual issue on the FUT Champions Channel screens, and had no bearing on the results of the actual match.
  • The goals were visually missing from the pitch if the Net Shaping settings had been changed to something different than those used by the player’s active Stadium.
  • The ‘Camera Target’ buttons, displayed when watching a FUT Champions Channel replay, were displaying as controller buttons when using a keyboard.
  • The ‘Toggle Tabs’ buttons, displayed on the FUT New Items screen, were displaying as controller buttons when using a keyboard.
    • They are now also clickable when using a mouse.

Made the following changes in Audio / Visual / Presentation:

  • Changes to the Arsenal Tula banners displayed in game.
  • Changes to the Club America kits, crests and banners displayed in game.

How did you do in last weekend’s FUT Champions Weekend League?