Former Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Director Performed Motion Capture for One of A Way Out’s Characters

A Way Out is definitely one of the most anticipated and unique co-op titles, and it is just a few weeks away from hitting stores. The game finally went gold a couple of days ago.

Josef Fares, known for directing Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, was recently featured in an interview with EA, where he revealed he managed to do the entire motion capture of one of the two characters entirely by himself, including stunts, fights and high-risk manoeuvres.

Not only did we do all of the mo-cap, we did of the games’ stunts as well. We didn’t have a stunt guy so all the jumping, fighting and everything else players will see in-game, is done completely by us. It was pretty tough going, but we just got on with it even though we hurt ourselves a few times.

If you believe in something and are passionate about it, then you’re prepared to do everything for it. Even if its long Walk and Run Cycle sessions for Motion Batch, where we captured every animation and movement possible, from crawling, to crouching, to sprinting, to jogging for almost twenty hours.

I don’t know how many hours I personally put into wearing that mo-cap suit, but it’s a crazy amount of time – so I guess I’m a mo-cap expert now. There are even some crazy stunts that we did, that I can guarantee are not supposed to be carried out by non-professionals!

A Way Out releases on March 23 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.