PSVR Shoot-Em-Up Blasters of the Universe Released Today

PSVR titles are slowly getting better and better, and the virtual reality’s game library is getting more varied. The latest addition is Blasters of the Universe.

Secret Location’s Technical Director and Project Leader Josh Manricks went to PlayStation Blog, and discussed the game’s mechanics, background story, hero, weapons and modifiers. Blasters of the Universe’s villain is Grand Master Alwyn, “an insecure man-child” who controls the VR world with his fellow minions, and your duty is to free everybody from his cruel and tyrant rule.

Players will have over 130,000 variations to customize loadouts which means that gamers will have plenty of options to run with for their various play styles.

Take back VR from Grand Master Alwyn

Grand Master Alwyn (formerly Allen Fitzpatrick) is an insecure man-child who was once the undisputed king of the local arcade. He uploaded his consciousness into virtual reality in the 90s and constructed a vast virtual universe in his own likeness.

For decades, he’s been ruling VR with a pixelated fist, backed by the crude army of minions he created, waiting for anyone who dares challenge him. Waiting for anyone… to just talk to.

Join the VR battle

The Blasters mission is to take back VR. Pick and choose from tons of parts and modifiers to make a weapon of your own in the Armory before you head into battle. Whether you have an offensive or defensive style of gameplay, you have the freedom to make weapons that suit your style.

As you progress in the game, new pieces will unlock, allowing you to continue to adapt how you play. Blasters of the Universe will require two PlayStation Move controllers, used to wield a classic shield and weapon loadout that can be customized in over 130,000 unique ways. No one combo is perfect, so experiment and try new configurations and shields as you take on Grand Master Alwyn and his hordes of enemies / best friends.

Blasters of the Universe released on February 27th on PSVR and can be purchased for $14.99 with a limited time discount that will run until March 6, 2018.