XCOM Shooter’s Website, Videos Taken Down

The big XCOM project that’s not quite a strategy game has been a strange story from the get-go. Dropping its tactical roots for something a bit more action orientated, 2K Marin's FPS has been MIA ever since its big delay last year. Now, new information suggests that it could be cancelled altogether.

Without any warning, XCOM’s official website has been taken down, with the current URL only leading to a 404 error. This FPS/RPG hybrid has also had multiple gameplay and story videos set to private on 2K Games’ YouTube page, indicating something serious going on behind the scenes. Rumors of a possible rebranding began to surface from Kotaku when four newly registered domains belonging to 2K – thebureau-game.com, thebureau-game.net, whathappenedin62.com, and whathappenedin62.net – suddenly appeared. The fresh domains seem to point to a rebranding of the game as "The Bureau," so it’s possible that the site is undergoing some changes to reflect the new direction.

Digital Trends was the first to spot the website’s sudden disappearance, which 2K Games is yet to comment on. The XCOM strategy game that released last year to critical acclaim has also been in the news recently, but for more positive reasons. A mobile version of the 2012 reboot will be making its way to the iOS in the near future, featuring all the content that found its way into the original project. “The full game” will be packed into either your iPhone or iPad for endless on-the-go fun.

However, the fate of the XCOM shooter is still up in the air. Take-Two will be around to discuss its quarterly performance in May, where all titles planned for release in 2013 will be revealed. Look for a possible announcement during that time.