Monster Hunter World Update 1.06 Improves Matchmaking on Xbox One, Fixes Squad Invite Issues and More

Monster Hunter World update 1.06 is live on PS4 and Xbox One, and it fixes a number of reported issues.

The update addresses an issue where players were allowed to carry more than 30 Slashberries in their item pouch when the allowed maximum amount is 30. Not only that, the update also addresses how players were able to join a Squad Online Session without getting an invitation. Here is the update’s patch notes:

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One:

  • Fixed an issue that occurred when hunters had 31 or more Slashberries in their item pouch at the time of the last update (PS4 v1.05 / Xbox One v1.0.0.10) where the maximum number of Slashberries a hunter can hold in their item pouch was reduced from 60 to 30. This update will move any Slashberries exceeding 30 in your item pouch to your item box.
  • Made additional fixes to an issue fixed in the last update where, rarely, uninvited non-squad members could join a Squad Online Session, or Squad members could not join one of their own.
Xbox One:
  • Readjusted the search algorithm when searching for another player’s session to join
  • Monster Hunter World 1.06 also added various minor bug fixes.
  • Added game performance and stability improvements.
  • Improvements for Matchmaking on Xbox One also added with Monster Hunter World 1.06.

How much are you enjoying Monster Hunter World so far?