Rare Studio Head Responds to Sea of Thieves’ Encounter Frequency Comments; Clarifies Dynamic Matchmaking System

Rare Games’ Sea of Thieves’ closed beta period proved to be quite successful, with mostly positive feedback on the game’s mechanics, combat and general experience. However, some players, and news outlets, commented on the frequency of meeting other pirates within the game’s world.

Rare Studio Head Craig Duncan decided to respond via his Twitter account, clarifying how the implemented dynamic matchmaking system works and how the system makes sure you are never left alone in a server, with ships or other crews always present in the horizon, planting that sense of curiosity inside the player.

Lots of #SeaOfThieves articles popping up, hard to keep up but noticing a few saying 100 players in the world – this is incorrect – we think of Sea of Thieves as a coop adventure where you encounter other players in the world, encounter frequency and variety is what is magic about Sea of Thieves.

Our vision is you and your crew embarking on adventures together, seeing those ships on the horizon or in the world & knowing they are another crews of real players on their own adventure & not knowing their intent or if they have treasure on board, we dynamically matchmake.

It’s variable, we add ships (not players) to each instance of the world, if ships leave we fill with new ones, if you end up being on your own we migrate you to another server – it’s all very clever – I’ve talked to press about this in a few interviews this week.

Sea of Thieves releases fully on March 20th for Xbox One and PC. During the beta phase, players were able to datamine the game’s files and find new enemy types, new chests and tons of new content that will sure be present in Sea of Thieves’ final version.