Survival and Resource Management Title, Symmetry, Releases on PS4 in February

Survival titles are everywhere, but few of them manage to grab our attention. Symmetry is a survival and resource management title that managed to do just that.

Developer Sleepless Clinic announced the title is coming to PS4 on February 20th, priced at $17.99. Players have to help a group of people who survived their spacecraft’s crash and must manage their resources to survive the planet’s cruel climate. Here is Symmetry’s features:

Game Features

  • Race against time while gathering all parts required to repair the spaceship.
  • Survival-management in extremely hostile conditions.
  • Avoid extreme weather conditions and life-threatening supernatural activities.
  • Different needs to satisfy: nutrition, physical condition, and mental health
  • Additional ‘Survival’ endless gameplay mode unlocked once the main mission is accomplished.
  • Randomly assigned crew members possess different skills and stories in each gameplay.
  • Implement various strategies to beat the game.
  • Develop new skills like botanics or power plant operations.
  • Sci-fi setting with a non-obvious storyline.
  • Moral choices: collectivism vs individualism.
  • Unique vector graphics and ambient sound setting.
  •  Ominous presence of the Symmetrical World.

Symmetry releases on February 20 for PS4. Make sure to watch the trailer below: