Surviving Mars ESRB Rating Description Reveals Characters Might Commit Suicide or Die of Malnutrition


Paradox Interactive and Haemimont Games’ sci-fi city-building title, Surviving Marsreceived an E10+ rating and the description revealed some interesting details.

The ESRB revealed characters might commit suicide and malnutrition if “their “sanity” levels fall too low.” Not only that, a number of character traits can actually affect productivity levels, including alcoholism. Here is the ESRB‘s rating description:

This is a strategy/management game in which players build and manage resources for a colony on Mars. Players mine resources (e.g., fuel, rare metals, water), build dome structures, and manage inhabitants’ needs along the way. Characters may die of malnutrition or commit suicide if their “sanity” levels fall too low; this is conveyed mostly through text, as inhabitants are simply depicted collapsing and lying on the ground after death. Players can also construct turrets to defend their bases from rival corporations’ attacks; missiles and explosions accompany these brief attack sequences. Colonists have a variety of character traits that affect their productivity, including alcoholism; text briefly references alcohol addiction (e.g., “We all find our own ways to cope with this pressure. Tsvetan Hasanov finds it in the bottle.”). The word “hell” appears in text.

Make sure to check out the game’s reveal trailer at Gamescom.