Hideo Kojima Name Inside and Framed 2 as Inspirations for Death Stranding

Industry expert and icon, Hideo Kojima, surprised us all with the reveal of Death Stranding, and even after several trailers, most people still don’t really understand what is going on. Creators usually need inspiration, even geniuses like Kojima, and he shared his inspiration behind Death Stranding.

Hideo Kojima was recently featured in an interview with Dengeki PlayStation magazine where he named indie-title Inside and mobile puzzle game Framed 2 as inspiration for his work on Death Stranding.

Dengeki: Please tell us a game released/announced in 2017 that pertains to your own work, and also the reason why.

KojimaInside (for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, iOS) and Framed 2 (mobile game). Although Inside was a 2016 title, I’m feeling the possibility of indie titles developed by small-scale teams, as represented by these two games. I was also appointed as a judge for the Best Independent Game award at The Game Awards, so that feeling of mine has grown stronger.

We have prepared an environment where it is possible to create a game where everything from modeling to presentation is worked on by a few people, or even just one person (although it’s a different matter when it comes to distribution and more). This is an era where even indies can make games that make the world gaze in wonderment. My thought has strengthened to make Kojima Productions as the forerunner of such an era.

Kojima already teasedDeath Stranding-related announcement in 2018.