NieR: Automata Director Praises Horizon Zero Dawn and Guerilla Games’ Excellence

Guerilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn was one of 2017’s highlights and is definitely among the best games ever made, and NieR: Automata director Yoko Taro seems to agree.

NieR: Automata director Yoko Taro was recently featured at Giant Bomb to share his own top ten games of 2017, naming Horizon Zero Dawn as his second favourite game of the year, falling only to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Taro had high praise for Guerilla Games and their creation, calling it a “super masterpiece.”

As you may already know, [Horizon Zero Dawn] is a super masterpiece from Guerrilla Games. Their release date was extremely close to NieR:Automata, it was a sci-fi genre title, an action game, and it featured a female protagonist. So much overlap. I thought, ‘Are you trying to kill me? Give me a break, seriously.’

The Machines in this game are different from more conventional Western designs of machines/robots, and they are constructed with a delicate physique and detail that Japanese players might like. Guerrilla Games’ artistic sense has always been superb, even since Killzone, but I felt that their artistic sensibilities have reached a point where I wouldn’t be surprised if Horizon became an animated series.

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