Gothic Point & Click Black Mirror Prepares to Haunt PC

The nightmarish, Lovecraftian tale of Black Mirror is out now and yours to enjoy on PC, Mac or Linux.  

KING Art’s reimagining of the third-person 2003 gothic horror adventure might share the name of the original, but the similarities come to a halt there. A new protagonist, Samuel Gordon, is carrying the accursed family torch. Summoned to the ill-fated Black Mirror castle, Samuel decides to probe deeper into the circumstances surrounding his father’s death, and uncovers some unsettling truths along the way.

Plagued by horrific visions since birth, Samuel’s thirst to understand his family’s past grows stronger; though his father was convinced the Gordons were somehow jinxed, the possibility that all these inexplicable deaths have a secular cause remains.

Black Mirror uses the 2003 game as a graphical template, but features richer, visually enhanced details, in addition to an impressive voice cast.

Those keen on some atmospheric mystery can purchase Black Mirror for $29.99 USD today.