Premium Audio Company Master & Dynamic Announces The Greene Street Headphone Collection

New York-based audio company giant, Master & Dynamic, recently announced the production of a new collection, mixing the busy vibes of New York with its “streetwear culture.”

The Greene Street Collection features a total of three new headphones, each has two different colours for people to choose what suits their style. The products are MW60 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones available in olive/black and camo/black ($549), MW50 Wireless On-Ear Headphones available in olive/black and black/black ($449) and MH40 Over-Ear Headphones ($399) available in olive/black, and camo/black.

Created for the daring and sophistication of the concrete jungle, The Greene Street Collection draws inspiration from New York City, where fashion and streetwear cultures collide. This latest release embraces classic military-themed colorways, and seeks to take the next fashionable step in outfitting the urban creative with sound.

The holiday campaign “A World Apart” follows a provocative and otherworldly shrouded character as it traverses the New York streets. Shot in SoHo by photographer Adrian Gaut, the campaign is a visually stunning metaphor for the power of sound and music to pull us deep within ourselves, yet with sound tools so beautiful they will allow you to do anything but disappear. With The Greene Street Collection, Master & Dynamic reasserts its leadership in bold styling, impeccable sound and undeniable craftsmanship.

Master & Dynamic’s Founder and CEO Jonathan Levine expressed his excitement towards the launch, describing it as a representation of the company’s “commitment to the urban creatives and the inspiration they continue to provide our brand.”

From fashion runways to subway cars and everywhere in between, The Greene Street Collection represents our commitment to the urban creatives and the inspiration they continue to provide our brand

Make sure to check out the gallery below for pictures of all three headphones with their respective variations.