Former BioWare Dev Manveer Heir Discusses Racial Problems Within Studio; “Homogeneous Leadership” Was Part of It

The gaming industry recently is getting its fair share of controversy, ranging from sexual assault allegations to racial abuse. Former BioWare developer Manveer Heir is known for his racial statements regarding the company’s management, and the community even went as far as initiating petitions to remove him from EA.

Manveer Heir was recently featured in Waypoint’s podcast, with statements transcribed via Gamasutra, where he continued to discuss the racial problems within BioWare and what happened when he spoke up about it.

I wasn’t the only one. There were other people, there were other white people, white men, who spoke up. There’s a lot of really good people inside of BioWare who spoke up on this stuff. This is what happens when, I think, you have a homogeneous leadership. The leadership of Mass Effect: Andromeda was all white men.

He continued to mention “speaking up” as part of his job, and as one of the reasons he resigned from BioWare.

As somebody’s who’s public, you become the loud guy, you become the angry guy, and you become the person who’s just trying to get all the press for yourself. That’s how it’s read, and then there becomes internal strife.

It is our job to speak up and do that thing. I’m not gonna quiet down and I’m not gonna not fight. So to me, when I realized I was in an environment that did not accept that and want that, and that was telling me I was being too angry or I was speaking up too much, and basically tried to tell me to sit down and be humble, I was like…peace out.

What do you think of Heir’s statements? In other news, Mass Effect Andromeda is currently available on EA Access for those interested.