Epic Games Detail Future Changes and Improvements Coming to Fortnite; Includes Voice Chat, Aim Assist and More

Epic Games’ Fortnite’s player numbers have been soaring over the last few weeks, mainly thanks to the launch of their new Battle Royale mode. The free-to-play mode managed to gather more than 10 million players since its launch, and that’s not an easy task for any game to do.

Epic Games are doing their best to hold on to the hype and maintain a solid community around Fortnite. Therefore, the studio recently released a list of planned changes and improvements coming in the near future to the game. The studio’s development team is currently working on bringing voice chat into the game, improve Fortnite’s spectator feature, revamp controls, introduce an alternate control configuration and much more. Here is the full list of planned improvements:


  • Team communication incl. voice chat!
  • General squads / duo polish
  • Ongoing shooting and balance tweaks
  • Map POI (points of interest) and loot density improvements
  • Spectating improvements
  • Inventory improvements
  • Quality of life bug fixes


  • Alternate configurations
  • Controller revamp
  • Input latency improvements on console
  • Aim assist improvements


  • 10’ console experience of HUD
  • “Invite system” polish
  • MOTD system improvements
  • QOL features for streamers and content creators (hiding HUD elements, etc.)


  • Stats
  • Leaderboards
  • Cosmetics / loadout
  • Progression
  • Compendium / mission logs


  • Anti-cheat
  • Console performance, stability, and memory
  • Server performance and hitch optimizations
  • Reduction of initial download size and ongoing patch sizes
  • Level streaming to allow variation for cosmetics
  • Low end PC compatibility support / improvements


  • Spinning up more data centers to reduce average ping times
  • Public test realm

Are you enjoying Fortnite’s Battle Royale so far? How many Victory Royale’s have you managed to get?