Gran Turismo Sport Limited Time Available on PSN for Preload; Demo Opens on October 9th

Recently, we got to see the impressive track list featured in Polyphony Digital’s upcoming racing iteration, Gran Turismo Sport. Now you can pre-load the game’s limited time demo to try out some of those tracks for yourself.

The GT Sport Limited Time demo is currently available for download from the PlayStation Store, however, you will have to wait until October 9th to start playing. PlayStation Plus members will get a six hour headstart compared to regular PSN members. The demo starts on October 9th and ends on October 12th.

PlayStation Plus members starts on 10/9/17 at 12:00am PDT and ends 10/12/17 at 8:00am PDT

Standard PlayStation 4 owners start from 10/9/17 at 6:00pm PDT and ends 10/12/17 at 8:00am PDT
Download for demo ends 10/11/17 at8:00pm PT

The GT Sport Limited Time demo offers an in-depth look at some of the new innovative features, geared to define the future of motorsports for all levels of drivers, from first timers to 20 year veterans of the franchise. You drive and tune on your own terms, while the new matchmaking system ensures you’re always racing against others of similar abilities.

You won’t want to miss this limited time demo, as your earned in-game credit (up to $1 million) and personalized garage vehicles are transferable to the full game when it launches 10/17/17.

Make sure to let us know what you think of the demo once you get the chance to play it. Also, don’t forget to preload it to save some precious gameplay time.