Rec Room Developer Announces PSVR Port; Beta Sign-Ups Open

Developer Against Gravity’s VR title, Rec Room, is coming to PlayStation VR.

Rec Room is probably one of the most famous and well received VR games on Steam since its release in June of last year. The game is presented as a VR social hub where players can either just group up and hang out together or participate in exciting and fun multiplayer activities, including paintball, disc golf and many many more.

The announcement was made via a Reddit post accompanied by a short FAQ. Here are some of the questions:

Will PSVR owners be able to play with Rift and Vive owners at launch?

  • Yes! Anyone connecting through Oculus Home or SteamVR will find themselves in the same servers as all PSVR users at launch. *During beta testing all PSVR players will be on their own test server.

Why can only North American and South American players participate in the beta?

  • This has to do with the PSVR regions that are available for us to test on prior to release. If we get access to testing in other regions we’ll push out another signup form!

Can I submit multiple applications?

  • One application per PSVR unit. If you only have one PSVR unit please only submit one application.

Does this require PlayStation Plus? (from comments)

  • The full release won’t require PlayStation Plus, so we don’t believe testing will either. We could be wrong but we would be very surprised. I’ll contact someone at Sony to make 100% sure though.
  • Edit: Response was no PlayStation Plus required for both testing and full release!

When does the beta start?

  • No firm estimate. Weeks not months

Will everyone who applies get in?

  • We may only get through a small number of applicants for the testing we require before we’re done and need to focus on launch. But we really appreciate everyone who takes the time to apply!

Make sure to sign up for the beta through here.