The Last of Us Special PS3 Edition Spotted, More Game Details Revealed

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest games for the PS3 this year is Naughty Dog's The Last of Us and it seems Sony is releasing a special edition PS3 to commemorate it — in Italy at least.

Over on Amazon Italy's site, the online retailer has listed a special bundle for The Last of Us that includes a metal water container with The Last of Us logo, exclusive The Last of Us labeled PS3 and DualShock 3, a 30-day free trial for PS Plus and what looks like a black-and-white poster. 

For now, we have no confirmation if this bundle will make its way onto North America, but if I had to hazard a guess, Sony will make it happen.

In addition to the special edition PS3 bundle, NeoGAF user Secretaril Dog has posted a fresh info on The Last of Us straight from German gaming mag Games Aktuell's February issue. Not sure how concerned you are with spoilers, but the tidbits below are for Ellie and for Tess.

Something about the character Tess:

She loves Joel secretly but questions whether Joel feels the same for her.

You can hear Tess saying "She's only cargo, Joel" in the story trailer. That sentence was considered to Ellie. Tess is jealous on Ellie. Quarrel about these two characters is preprogrammed.

– horses serve as a mean of transportation. So it's not just a scenario thing like in Uncharted.

Something about the character Ellie:

Ellie has to practise on guns she founds in the proccess of the campagne before she can use them.

Would you be interested in buying a special edition The Last of Us PS3 bundle? If so, will the one pictured above suffice? What do you think about the game having horses as transportation? Does this mean we'll get horseback chase sequences? If so, count me in!

The Last of Us is set to hit the PS3 this coming May.