Fortnite Update 1.6.3 Adds Dous and Squad Options to Battle Royale Mode; Battle Royale Goes Free-to-Play

Fortnite’s PUBG-inspired Battle Royale mode is going free-to-play with the game’s upcoming update. Bluehole made their discontent very clear regarding Epic Games using Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds in advertising for their new game mode.

Fortnite update 1.6.3 adds Duos and Squad match types to the new game mode. Not only that, it also adds supply drops and two new weapons. Here is everything you need to know regarding the game’s upcoming update:



New Duos and Squad match types have been added, alongside Solos.  Play in groups of 2 or up to 4 and fight to eliminate all the other teams!

  • Invite friends to play on your team using the in-game Friends List.
  • Use the “Fill” option to automatically fill your team with other players.
  • When your health falls to zero you’ll be “down but not out” (DBNO).  Your squadmates only have a short amount of time to revive you before your health bar drains.
  • You can see your team members’ status on the HUD, including Health and Shields.
  • Use the map to place location markers which are visible to your team and will display on the compass at the top of the HUD.  Keep an eye out for markers from your squad!
  • Cooperate with team members to build awesome defensive structures!
  • Friendly-fire is enabled, so be careful where you aim!  Intentionally attacking squadmates violates the code of conduct.

The Squad match type (up to four-player teams) is available to play immediately.  Duos (two-player teams) will be activated when there are enough players to support matchmaking in both modes.


There is now a chance for Supply Drops to descend from the sky.  These crates contain valuable weapons and items! (Pro-tip: destroying the balloon will make it drop rapidly to the ground.)


The Zapotron can be used to fire electric blasts in short bursts, or charged up to release an enormous amount of damage! Fire sparingly, as Cell Ammo is extremely limited. This weapon is only available in Supply Drops.


The Tactical SMG is an effective medium range weapon with high rate of fire.

What do you think of Epic Games trying to replicate Bluehole’s success with PUBG by implementing a similar game mode in their own game?