Ubisoft Didn’t Expect Assassin’s Creed To Become a Massive Franchise, According to Producer

Assassin’s Creed Origins is one of the most anticipated titles this year, with millions of fans waiting impatiently till the game releases. However, if you ask Ubisoft producers and executives ten years ago, they didn’t believe Assassin’s Creed would become this massive franchise.

In a community documentary, released to celebrate the upcoming ten year anniversary of the first ever Assassin’s Creed title released, several producers and executives shared their thoughts about the current state of the franchise and the huge milestones it achieved. Sebastien Puel, who served as the Executive Producer on Brotherhood, Black Flag, Unity, Revelations and other spin-off titles, “never expected” the series to reach the state it is currently in.

We never expected AC to be such a success. We were passionate about history, but not sure it could have a mainstream wide appeal. I remember of the programmers referring to a cool game feature and saying, ‘With this one, we will sell one million copies!’ We are well past 100 million today.

Assassin’s Creed Origins‘ Creative Director Jean Guesdon said that the team felt this “aura” around the game that made it unique at the time and helped it gain popularity quickly.

We could feel that AC was ‘special’. Internally, like externally, there was a kind of ‘aura’ around the game. Something that was screaming, ‘I’m not a normal videogame. I’m special.’ Of course, nobody could have predicted that, 10 years later, our universe would have become what it is now, but the feeling that we were creating something that was huge (even if not fully understood) was definitely there.

Make sure to check out the video below: