Psyonix Reveal Rocket League Season 5 Rewards

Psyonix‘ Rocket League’s fifth competitive season rewards have been revealed.

Psyonix conducted a “soft reset” to all Rocket League players who participated in any recent Competitive Playlist in order to distribute the game’s fifth competitive season rewards. This season’s rewards were mainly banners, something coming to the game in its Autumn update.

To kick off the new season, we are running a soft reset on all accounts that have previously placed in any Competitive Playlist. This means every player will need to complete a set of ten placement matches per Playlist, similar to when you play in a Competitive Playlist for the first time. This soft reset will help calibrate the entire player population for the new season, which will end in early 2018.

For those who placed in Competitive Playlists this season, we’re excited to announce that the Season 5 Rewards are a new player customization item we’re rolling out in the Autumn Update. Player Banners will be seen throughout Rocket League, including the main menu screen and during goal replays, and the Season 5 Rewards are unique Player Banners tied to each Competitive Tier.

The Reward Banners, seen above, will be handed out as follows:

  • Bronze I or higher – Season 5 Bronze Player Banner

  • Silver I or higher – Season 5 Silver Player Banner + lower Banners

  • Gold I or higher – Season 5 Gold Player Banner + lower Banners

  • Platinum I or higher – Season 5 Platinum Player Banner + lower Banners

  • Diamond I or higher – Season 5 Diamond Player Banner + lower Banners

  • Champion – Season 5 Champion Player Banner + lower Banners

  • Grand Champion – ‘Season 5 Grand Champion’ in-game Title + Grand Champion Player Banner + lower Banners

Remember, in order to qualify for these Banners, you must earn the 12 wins for each Season Reward Level. Players who are in the Platinum Tier, for example, must earn Season Reward Level wins for Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum in order to receive all four Reward Banners.

Let us know what reward you will be getting this season.