Yakuza 6 Dev Details Clan Creator Mode

Atlus and Sega’s famous Japanese franchise, Yakuza, is getting a clan creator mode in the series’ upcoming Western release of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life.

Yakuza 6 allows players to play as their favourite characters in the new clan creator mode, with card-collecting game elements. Players will be able to collect “Common, Rare, and Super Rare characters” from Yakuza’s universe and battle it out against AI controlled clans. Here is a brief description, via PlayStation Blog, on how the mode works:

You’ll be able to collect Common, Rare, and Super Rare characters. While the leaders and their clans will be guided by AI, there is a degree of skill involved: players will be able to utilize their leaders’ special skills to heal and buff their street armies or perform powerful strikes, influencing battles that take place on the streets of Kamurocho. We’ll also be planning some cool events post-launch around this fun minigame.

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life releases on March 20 next year exclusively on the PS4. The game released on Japanese soil in December 2016 and was received very well. Are you excited to try out Yakuza 6’s newly revealed clan creator mode?