Konami Reveals New Details for Metal Gear Survive

Konami’s Metal Gear Solid multiplayer spin-off title, Metal Gear Survive, was first received with a considerable amount of doubt. However, Konami’s recent reveal of the game’s features looks promising.

Metal Gear Survive is a co-operative survival title set in Metal Gear’s universe. Players will have access to both single-player and co-op modes, where you have to build, develop and gather necessary resources to strengthen your base.

Metal Gear Survive is a survival action game in an alternative universe. In a struggle to survive, and understand this new environment, players engage in both a Single Play and connected co-op Play. In the battle for survival scavenged materials must be wrought into usable items, gear and weapons if you are to have any hope of making it home.

Key Features

• Two ways to play: Single Play and CO-OP Play. These modes are linked via Base Camp. Character progress and gear carries between the two modes.

• Build and develop your Base Camp: This offers access to weapon and gear crafting. As well as offering you a command centre for planning missions in Single Play and CO-OP Play.

• Gather resources for use in crafting including blue prints and raw materials. These can be gathered in Single play by exploring the environment or won in successful CO-OP missions

• Develop Base camp with new facilities to aid survival, Including crop growing, animal rearing, food and water storage. As your camp develops you’ll gain access to high grade crafting items.

• Manage resources, including human essentials such as food and water as well as raw materials used for weapons, defences and expendables.

Metal Gear Survive releases in 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Make sure to check out the new screenshots released.