Ghost Recon Wildlands Update 7 Improves New Helicopter Handling Accuracy and Fixes Numerous Bugs

Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Wildlands’ update 7 is finally live.

Ghost Recon Wildlands’ update 7 brings a number of fixes, spread across missions, user interface and gameplay, as well as improving the new helicopter’s handling accuracy when close to the ground. Check out everything the update brings below:


  • In “La Granja”, fixed a bug that would sometimes spawn you on top of Unidad soldiers when killed
  • In “The Convoy” (Koani), fixed a bug causing the player to sometimes spawn in Itacua when killed
  • In “Marcus Jensen”, fixed a bug causing the mission to sometimes become unavailable if the escape vehicle was destroyed before interrogating Marcus Jensen

User Interface

  • Incorrect time information is no longer displayed on booster window after activating a 2 hour booster
  • The G36C folded buttstock description now indicates the actual unlock location
  • We added setting allowing the players to use the new helicopter controls without the HUD
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused redeploying while flying a helicopter to display the helicopter crosshair in every vehicle


  • We improved the new helicopter handling’s accuracy when close to the ground
  • Fixed a bug causing a helicopter to sometimes bounce off the floor at startup
  • You can now spawn purchased or rewarded vehicles when playing in offline mode
  • Fixed a bug causing the player to be unable to use the drone, binoculars, and Ghost Squad/Rebel Support commands after having been revived from a shutdown vehicle


  • Fixed a bug causing several submachine guns to be missing audio


  • Fixed several clipping issues in Charactersmith
  • Fixed issues with secondary ammo not showing correctly on certain vests


  • We added more color options for the Ghillie suits
  • We added all camo options to CRYE tops and pants

Narco Road

  • In “Electro Air Race”, we fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the mission to remain stuck at the second step
  • In “Prophet on Wheels”, we fixed a bug sometimes causing the player to not be able to engage in dialogue with Arturo
  • In “Truck Off and Die”, we fixed a bug causing players not following the target would not complete the mission

Fallen Ghosts

  • We fixed a bug causing the mortar danger zone to sometimes not appear
  • We fixed a bug causing the distance to marked enemies to not be displayed for the new NPCs
  • We fixed a bug causing numbers to not be displayed on enemies while utilizing sync shot

Make sure let us know how well the games played after applying update 7.